Sunday, 2 June 2013

I think that hypnotherapy is finally helping me to relax.  I've been a lot less anxious generally.  I've listened to the mp3 every night while I'm going to sleep.  I've also been trying not to dwell on my upcoming operation and I've stopped researching on Google.  That was definitely not helping me! I was looking up the possible side effects of an anaesthetic and immediately my heart started to pound and I felt a bit weak.  Lesson learned!

I've realised that having an operation is not the free process that the NHS would have us believe.  The actual procedure is free - although I would even debate that.  I pay £90 a month national insurance so I do believe that I've more than paid up front for this operation.

As well as the actual operation I've had a trip to my "big" hospital 20 miles away to see the dental consultant.  That was a train trip costing £5 plus a taxi to the hospital, £8. I've had two prescriptions for sleeping tablets which haven't helped a jot, hence the hypnotherapy.  That's £15.70 for two prescriptions.  Hynotherapy has been cut price, thank goodness, as I've gone to someone in training. £8 a session for three sessions so far. I probably sound as if I'm moaning, but this has a point.  I'm having to cut back on general expenditure, hence my new interest in simplifying my life.

I've had a look for blogs on simplifying my life, and I have found loads so far.  I've had a good look at this one and it seems great - full of useful tips:

Frugal Queen is the name of this blog. Brilliant.  Have a good look.  Cooking when you can't be bothered is today's post and I'd definitely say that's one for me.  Cooking and me don't get along at the best of times!  Cooking from scratch has to be cheaper than ready meals so I'll have to investigate!  Let me know what you think.

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