Saturday, 8 June 2013

I have been looking for some budgeting help, what with my extra expenditure for trips to the hospital for my big dental treatment and associated expenses, such as hypnotherapy.

I've come across this post from one of my featured blogs - Christian Personal Finance:

This is a great post that explains clearly a very simple budgeting system. I'm not one for anythig complicated so this really suits me.  In many ways it can seem  quite old fashioned, using envelopes for various expenditure,but it's so easy that it really works.  I have tried in the past using a highly computerised spreadsheet system and I found it so hard to stick to that I just gave up.  See what you think about this system and let me know.

I need to start seeing where my money goes.  If anyone else can help me with budgeting I would be really grateful.

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