Saturday, 11 May 2013


Following my session of hypnotherapy earlier in the week to hopefully help me with dental surgery, I have been practising dealing with medical issues.  I have been so nervous around medical issues, that just going into the doctor's surgery has been difficult for me!  The hypnotherapist asked me to make a list of ten medical issues that are difficult for me and number them one to ten, one being something that I don't feel happy about but hope I can cope with, and ten being having an operation under general anaesthetic.
Regular readers of my blog will know that is something I am going to do soon.
Number one on my list was going to a  chemist's.  Now I know most of you won't be nervous about going into Boots and asking the pharmacy counter for a box of Lemsip, but that sort of thing has always made me anxious.  They ask probing questions about possible blood pressure issues and want to know if you are taking any other medication, including herbals.  Then the counter staff tend to go off to consult the pharmacist for any tiny issue.  I always worry that they will advise me to see my doctor - that has happened when I wanted eye drops and when I was buying too much deep heat for a back problem.  Anyway, I went to the pharmacy yesterday evening and sat down in the row of chairs that they keep for customers then walked around the shelves and then - big achievement - spoke to the pharmacist about not sleeping well.  Just asking for general advice.  I did feel anxious but under control.  I listened to one of my meditation tracks afterwards and then slept really well.
I did number two on my list at the same time.  The doctor's surgery is next door to the chemist and I went in with a form and handed it in at the reception counter.  Completely fine.
Number three on my list is filling in a medical questionnaire that I have been given - a pre-op assessment form before the general anaesthetic.  I have put off filling it in because I know they want to see me for a pre-op assessment appointment in the hospital. The form asks about my general medical history and so forth and whether I suffer from any medical problems.  The truth is I just don't know because I don't frequent doctors' surgeries to find out!  So now's the time when I will find out and I feel anxious about that.  I'm going to print the form on Monday and fill it in during the evening!
Setting foot in the pharmacy and the doctor's surgery has been fine but I am aware I have put off filling in the pre-op form, and that is since the hypnotherapy, so maybe it hasn't cancelled out all my medical worries just yet. Another session later in the week.

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