Sunday, 9 June 2013

I have found another great blog today - Be More with Less:

I found a brilliant post about living with a partner's clutter - one of the great challenges of my own life:

My partner is definitely a clutterer but I am not entirely blameless myself so I have learnt to just close my eyes to it.  Not easy but it has helped our relationship. The clutter in our home definitely contributes to the anxiety I feel as it's difficult to have people over - nowhere to sit. It has been the source of problems with family and friendships.  There's no easy answer but complaining about it just doesn't help us.  My partner is great in so many ways so I have learned to appreciate all the other things that he does.  I anyone else has clutter problems please let me know how you are dealing with it.


  1. Hey Sandy - thanks for your comment on my blog. I was touched! The mutual support sounds like a good idea. What's helping me to keep on writing is to share ideas for my story in lots of different ways, talking, blogging, Facebook. People are being really supportive! x

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. Very much appreciated. I'm so pleased that you like my idea of offering each other support. Can you tell me more about your story? I only know about the "prison" aspect of it. Really just what I saw on your blog at the weekend. Mine is a biography. You might feel negative about the subject but it's really general support and advice that I'm after. I want to write about an Italian mystic from the early years of the last century - Gemma Galgani. She is on Wikipedia if you would like more info but I'm not expecting everyone to be very interested.This will definitely be for a niche market!Hope to hear from you soon.