Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I'm trying to spot new blogs these days that can give some great tips on budgeting and simplifying my life. Have a look at this one! 


I have been clearing my financial clutter lately in an effort to start simplifying my financial life.  I am ashamed to say that I haven't opened my bank statements since the beginning of 2011.  I have been opening them for the last three weeks and I'm getting on top of things.  I'm opening them as soon as they arrive and jotting on the bottom any bills still outstanding for the month and any money that I've taken out since the last statement or anything that I've spent on  my debit card. That's working well.  I won't make any excuses for not bothering for 18 months.  I just had my mind on health worries.  I haven't got into debt.  I have got a rough idea in my mind of what is available to spend, but I haven't saved anything.  

That has to change!

I'm getting an idea of where I am and then I'm going to start saving in a small way and then build up. Watch this space!

If you've got any - very simple- budgeting tips or tips for keeping up with the never-ending financial paperwork - please post them on my blog.  Any advice very welcome!

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