Saturday, 15 June 2013

I think that hypnotherapy has very possibly worked.  I am having a dental operation soon and I have been really anxious.  That has worn off now.  I am tailing off the appointments now and just listening to the mp3 downloads that the hynotherapist gave me.  It's a relief to be having less appointments. Although they are cut price with a hynotherapist in training it's still been a drain on my finances.  What with all the extra expenses I've been racking up lately - car parking at the hospital when my friend takes me - coffees and snacks in the hospital cafe - buses to my nearest big town - a taxi to the hospital itself which is not on a bus route - etc, etc - I am now having to get really serious about cutting down on my spending. Any tips?
I am starting out by tracking all my spending on a budget sheet.  That is taking some getting used to, but I'm putting aside time when I get in from work to make a note of anything I've spent during the day and to go through any statements that have come in the post.  All very basic I know- but I'd stopped tracking my spending.  
If anyone can give me any- simple - tips, I would be very grateful.

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