Thursday, 27 June 2013

I have been looking at nine to five's post for today.  Quoted here:

"Is the doorbell there for your (as a householder) convenience or is it a thing to be obeyed?

The doorstep is a bit of an ambiguous place, yes, it's a part of my house but it's also a place where strangers can spend time without your permission. I generally ignore my doorbell to be honest, unless I know it's a man bringing hay or a pre-arranged visitor. So when I walked past my door fully 7 minutes after the doorbell had chimed I didn't really expect to find two people standing there. I then felt obliged to open the door, after all they could see me. 

The problem with opening the door to strangers is they have the upper hand, whether it's the postie asking me to take a parcel for the guy next door, whether it's a man telling me how rubbish my driveway is and would I like him to make me a new one or as it was today, people demanding to exchange views on existential matters and the concept of truth. They have the upper hand because they already know what they're going to say, plus they have a leaflet. I, on the other hand, have only a smiling face and the willingness to take in spare parts for a Vauxhall Corsa.

Still, we did have a very nice chat, we're on first name terms (I was so bewildered I even forgot to offer a false name as I usually do in this situation) and they were very lovely and interesting people. I have written some notes on the leaflet as I said I would for when they come back or another chat. On their part I assume they're off to google nihilism. I thought I'd go for that as semantic holism would have lead us to be there all day. I do have all day, don't get me wrong but I just don't think we would have got anywhere."

Not going to the door if it's no-one I'm wanting to talk to sounds like a good idea.  Time and temper saving.  My response to this post:

 "I have hardly thought about ignoring a knock or ring at the door, to be honest.  It sounds like a brilliant idea.  We have fallen out with our next door neighbours and I know that I wouldn't answer the door to them even if they could see me.  I wouldn't hide away - I would just not answer the door - I would put the chain on because the guy is agressive and drinks a bit too much. I hadn't considered not going to the door to sales people etc.  I always answer and then I'm a bit short with them - better not to go to the door in the first place - again I wouldn't hide away - I would just not go to the door.  I will expermiment with this idea and let you know how I get on! I already screen phone calls.Life is just too short to spend trying to get rid of cold callers - despite us being on the telephone preference list. "

It might seem rude but I know that when I answer the door to random callers I come across as a bit rude anyway so if I just don't answer....

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